Thursday, July 06, 2006

BSE: May Dorling 1892 BSE

May Dorling, daughter of Amelia Dorling and Granddaughter of Alfred Dorling = Mary Campion. Emigrated with her mother to and family to Australia. Photo kindly provided by relative. Posted by Picasa

BSE: Amelia Dorling

Amelia Dorling, born 1867, daughter of Alfred Dorling = Mary Campion. . Amelia married Arthur Robert Gardner, brother of her sister Agnes's (see photo below) husband and they moved to Australia with daughters May and Ann Margaret (Dolly). Photograph kindly proveded by descendent whose contact deatils I no longer have. Please get in touch if you read this! Posted by Picasa

BSE: Agnes Dorling

Agnes Dorling born 1875 BSE the daughter of Alfred Dorling = Mary Campion, kindly provided by her Great Granddaughter Jacqui Meekins. Agnes married William James Meekins in 1893 and had 2 sons. During WW1 she was recorded as "whereabouts unknown" on her sons army papers, so any possible information on what became of her would be appreciated. Posted by Picasa