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Part of a letter (written in 1984) from Wendy Mason of Culford, who has supplied a lot of information on the West Stow Dorlings and had been in touch with, and visited, some of the West Stow Australian descendants

    "Jim (Dorling of Nightcliffe, Australia) said it is thought all three brothers (Samuel 1814, George 1819, William 1821) played in a quite well know dance band in Adelaide.  He wanted to know if the brothers were musical - I can confirm this with the help of Aunt Evelyn, she told me that Thomas their father was musical and he taught them to play a kind of pipe.  Each day they were given a few bars to learn while they kept watch over the Lord of the Manor's sheep.  It was a job given to the boys of the village on leaving school.  There is a man living only a few yards from my home who did this job on leaving school at age 10 years in 1914.
    Getting back to the brothers they were educated first by their mother Ann and then their father (Thomas 1787) paid for them to go to school which was a privilege in those days, they went to school in Culford.  

When they could play their musical instruments well they were allowed to play the hymns for the services in West Stow church (no organ in those days).  Their musical instruments are at this present time in the hands of the rector of West Stow.  They were until a few years ago in Aunt Evelyns's possession.  She passed them to her brother Edward who since has died.  His wife gave them to the rector.  I have seen them and they are in good condition.  After Sam, Geo and Wm went to Australia some of James's children when old enough played them, my Grandfather Herbert didn't, he was not musical.  One thing that all their generations of Dorlings have done is learn to ring the church bells even I had a go when a teenager.
    Jim says his family is athletic and wondered what physical types his ancestors were.  All I can find out is that they were a very strong healthy family with plenty of go and still have a very strong will."

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WW2 Dorlings listed as missing, dead, wounded & POW

WW2 DORLINGS in Forces War record collection: "WWII Daily reports (missing, dead, wounded & POWs)"

WW2 DORLINGS in Forces War record collection: "WWII Daily reports (missing, dead, wounded & POWs)"

irst Name Surname Service Number ank Record Year Unit
A E Dorling 4751871 Private                           1942 Green Howards
B G Dorling 10532897 Private                        1945 Royal Army Ordnance Corps
B G Dorling10532897 Private                         1944 Royal Army Ordnance Corps
B G Dorling 10532897 Private                        1942 Royal Army Ordnance Corps
C H Dorling 5833804 Private                          1943 Cambridgeshire Regiment
C H Dorling 5833804 Private                          1945 Cambridgeshire Regiment
C H Dorling 5833804 Private                          1942 Suffolk Regiment
D H Dorling 14402534 Lance Corporal           1945 Rifle Brigade
D H Dorling14402534 Lance Corporal            1945 Rifle Brigade
E S Dorling 1735651 Lance Bombardier        1943 Royal Artillery
F A Dorling 7889900 Serjeant                         194440 Royal Tank Regiment
F A Dorling 7889900                                       1943 Royal Tank Regiment
F A Dorling 7889900  Serjeant                        1944Royal Tank Regiment
J Dorling 1532316 Gunner                              1940 Royal Artillery
L E Dorling 1864488 Private                           1942 Royal Army Ordnance Corps
 War Substantive Sergeant
 Royal Electrical And Mechanical...
 Royal Electrical And Mechanical...
Lieutenant Colonel
 Royal Artillery
 South Staffordshire Regiment
 Royal Engineers
 Royal Engineers

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British Legion "Everyone Remembered"

I am posting Dorling information to the "Everyone Remembered" site to remember the WW1 Dorlings who are listed in the Missing Soldier database.  That is, those soldiers who have no known grave.

Here are the links to those I have done so far (5 more to do):

George Dorling:

Frank Stanley Dorling:

Bert Dorling:

Arthur Dorling:

Charles Ernest Dorling:

William Dorling:

Frank F Dorling:  

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Some WW1 Dorling Hospital Admissions

1.  A Dorling, Lance Corporal,  age 32, 2nd Battalion Suffolk Regiment, Service No 6828, has served for 11.5 years, .  Influenza, admitted to 4th Stationary Hospital, discharged 6 April 1915.  C of E.

[This is Arthur Dorling born 1886 Bury St Edmunds, son of Thomas Plummer Dorling & Emma lomax.   He enlisted 8 jan 1901 age 15 yrs 3 mths, 5 ft, 90 lbs, fair complexion, brown eyes & hair.  In the 1901 census returns he was a "bandboy" in the Channel Islands but was discharged July 1901 as medically unfit for service.  Next of kin in 1901 is given as his brother George Dorling of 106 Eastgate St, BSE & sister Ada? Same address.  Conduct & character very good. He marrried Daisy Turner at Woolwich in 1913 and had a daughter Joyce b. 1914 Woolwich.  Appears to have married a 2nd time to Lucy as she is named by War Graves Commission but this is probably a mistake. War graves Commission:- Corporal Service No:6828 Date of Death: 30/09/1915 Age:31 Regiment/Service:Suffolk Regiment 2nd Bn. Panel Reference: Panel 21. Memorial:YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL ]

2. C M Dorling, Private, age 35, 28 SB Amm Col, Army Service Corps, Service No 180701, had served for 1 year.  Admitted to 139th Field Ambulance on 21 May 1917, 2 days treatment for 963 Impetigo, transferred 22 May 1917 to No. 50 CCS.  C of E.

[This is Charles Maurice Dorling of the Herringswell branch, born 1882 Kensington the son of George Dorling (b 1847 Tuddenham) and Maria Matthews.  In 1901 Charles is living with his uncle and working as a domestic groom.   In 1906 Charles (a groom by trade) married Ellen Emily Able, had a son and 2 daughters and happily survived the war.  His Army Medal Roll Index Card shows he was a Private and was awarded the British War Medal and the Victory Medal, whihc suggests he enlisted around 1916 or later.  Hi Army Service Corps No was M2/180701 and his previous unit was RASC.  He died in 1956 in Epping] 

3. G E Dorling, Driver, age 36, 109th Company, Army Service Corps,Service No T4/058180, had served 3 yrs 3 mths, 2 months in Field. Admitted with N.Y.D.P.R. to 66th Field Ambulance18 May 1918, transferred same day to Sick Convoy CCS. C of E.

[This is George Edgar Dorling of the Herringswell branch, born 1882 at Chippenham, cambs, the son of Samuel Dorling (b. 1852 Freckenham) and Agnes nee Perry.  George  married Margaret Tribick in 1910 at Newmarket and in 1911 was living at Freckenham as a cowman on a farm. By 1915 they had 2 sons and 2 daughters.  In 1915 they were living at New St, Chippenham when he attested 8 feb 1915 at Newmarket and enlisted at Woolwich as a driver.  His trade was given as stockman.  George served 4 yrs and 82 days, including in India, S Africa and Selonica, and suffered recurring malaria due to the climate conditions of the country in which he was serving.  He was admitted to 3 hospitals during the war, and had been in Bardwell Hospital at Mildenhall, Suffolk before the war.  He was a member of the Ashton Unity National Health Approved Medical Society.  In 1919 he was examined and malaria agreed but they were unable to assess the degree of disablility.  He appears to have been awarded a disability pension but there is no detail of payments in his army pension records.   In 1939 George was living and working as a farm carter at Dexisley Wood Stud, Newmarket, with his wife Margaret, daughter Evelyn and son George.  He died in 1968 age 85 in the Bury St Edmunds district.]

4. H F Dorling, Private, 8th battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Service No 12274.  Admitted 21 Sep 1915 to HM  Hospital Ship “assaye” with renal abcess and fistula, opened and drained, CHCl3 anaesthetic used, operation by Lieut Rigby 21 Sep 1915.  Transferred to Malta.

5. H F Dorling, age 19, Private, Company D RWF, Service No 12274, 1 yeasrs service, 3 months with Field Force.   Admitted 21 Sep 1915 to HM Hospital Ship “assaye” with abcess to leg.  C of E.

[This is Henry Frank Dorling of the Bury St Edmunds branch, born 1896 Bethnal Green, the 5th of 6 sons of Edward Dorling (b. 1859 hHackney) and Mary nee Beckwith.  The mother dies in 1906 and in 1908 Henry Frank and his younger brother William james are removed by the parish overseers from Shoreditch to Bethnal Green as they are chargeable to the parish and have to live at the schools / workhouse.  By 1911 Henry is living as a servant in wales - perhaps sent there by the parish, and hhis brother is still at Bethnal Green workhouse.   Henry joins up in 1915, survives the war and is awarded  the 1915 Star, British and Victory medals.  In 1920 he marries Eunice Williams in Wales.  In 1939 he is a lorry driver in carmarthenshire, living with Eunice and their daughter Elvira.  Eunice died 1851, Frank died age given as 82 in 1979 in Carmarthen. Elvira married and has descendants.  Of frank's 5 brothers, only 1 is known of, as no trace has been found of the others after 1911]

6. Henry Dorling, private, age 42, CFA 3rd Div Can Tmb, Service No 339072, served 4 months in Field Force.  Admitted 21 Apr 1917 to 18th General Hospital with strain ligament R foot, 3 days treatment, transferred No 6 company 23 April 1917. Notes: Roman Catholic. Arras 18/4/1917 18 CCS. R.C.

[This is Henry Earle Dorling born 1868 Croydon, of the Dennington / Epsom branch son of Edward Jonathan Dorling and Maria nee Earle.  in 1877 he was a Ship's Boy and later a 1st class steward on Canadian Pacific Steamship The Empress of Asia, & Canadian Pacific Steam Ship Co. until his enlistment in 1916.     He enlisted at Vancouver BC on July 17th 1916 at age 41listing his occupation as "Steward" on board The Canadian Pacific Steamship Empress of Asia.  He served with the 15th Field 68th batalion Canadian Field artiller C.E.F (CFA).  He lied about his age as he was actually born in 1868 not 1875 so was really almost 50 years of age. After the war he settled in vancouver working with the canadian Steam Ship line and later with the Canadian Pacific railway until his death on 10 Jan 1935 age 69.  he is buried in the veteran's section of the fraser View cemeter in new Westmonster BB] 

7. Henry Dorling, Gunner, age 27, 3 a Brigade, AFA, Service No 15041, 1 yr 8 mths service, 10 months in the Field Force.   Admitted to Middx War Hosptial at Napsbury with Gun Shot Would Left Thigh and Gun Shot Would right hand. Transferred 18 Oct 1917 to Aus Aux Hspl Harefield. C of E.

8. J F Dorling, age 23, gunner, A Company Royal Field Artillery, Service No 40332, 10 months service, 2 months in Field Force.   Admitted 21 June 1916 to 139th Field Ambulance Hospital with Colitis.  4 days treatment. Transferred 24 June.  C of E.  Notes: Mont? Des Cots.

[This is James Freeman Dorling of the Herringswell branch, born 1893 in Fulham, the son of William Freeman Dorling b 1857 Barton Mills & Emily nee Portlock.   In 1911 he is a Gateman on the district railway.  By 1916 when James married Thirza Naommi Brazier, he was in the army - Royal Field Artillery is given on his marriage certificate. He had joined the Terratorial Army at age 17yrs in Feb 1909 and was discharged Jan 1912 (was recorded at Annual training 1910 & 1911, but awol 1911 - presumably T.A.  he either joined up voluntarily or was drafted up during WW1.  His occupation is given as clerk on his attestation papers, jeweller's assistant on his "service & casualty form".    His medal card shows Rank: Acting Corporal Medal Awarded: British War Medal and Victory Medal Regiment or Corps: Army Service Corps Regimental Number: ES/50439 Previous Units: R.F.A. 40332 Gunner.    reverse of medal card - now serving as s/8070 L/Cpl.  James continued in the army.  In 1920 James and Thirza had a daughter Beryl who died age 5. in 1939 they are living at "Woodstock" Hookley Lane, Hambledon, Hampshire -  James E Dorling born 20 Feb 1893, occupation: Army S/8070 S S M J F Dorling R Company R A S C Married, Thirza N Dorling born 05 May 1885 occupation Unpaid Domestic Duties Married.  Thirza died 1976 and James died age 78 in 1981.]

 9. Dorling, Staff captain, 14th Inf brigade.  Admitted to 14th Field Ambulance 8 Nov 1914 with influenza – 8 days treatment, transferred to Motor Ambulances.

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James Dorling / Dowling of Wortwell, his son Robert and his sister Sophia

In Jan 1843 James Dowling alias Dorling (b. 1798 Wortwell, Norfolk) and his 17 year old son Robert (b. 1825 Gt Linstead, Suffolk) were convicted of stealing 3 heifers in Metfield,Suffolk - their descriptions are given when they are put in Ipswich Gaol and many years ago my distant cousin Jim Dorling sent me the transcriptions of their Ipswich gaol record.  Since then I have researched the family who originate in the Norfolk parish of Redenhall with Harlston and Wortwell.   It is likely they were non-conformists as their baptisms do not always appear in the parish records.  

James was a farmer with a wife and 8 children.  In 1838 the tithe records show he is the owner and occupier property in Wortwell, Norfolk.  By 1841 the and his family were living in Cratfield, Suffolk, but James still had property in Wortwell as he appears in electoral rolls for Wortwell in 1841.  He is definitely above the status of labourer and this is referred to at his trial when the judge says he must have same punishment as men of lower class, or words to that effect.  

Robert is seen as being influenced by his disgraceful father and therefore given just 3 months hard labour, first and last weeks in solitary confinement.  He does well later in life as a cab proprietor in Walworth.  He marries in Newington in 1854 and has 2 daughters and a son.  

James is to be transported for 10 years, but then spends 6 years on the hulk Justinia at Greenwich. In 1843 the hulk register reports him as of good character and respectable.  I  recently found that he was pardoned in March 1848.   It was common for family and friends to organise petitions for pardon and this may have happened with James.  (George Dorling transported 1833 to Tasmania had an unsuccessful petition, despite being very young, a first offence and a young wife and baby) .  I am still trying to find what happened to James and his wife after the pardon.

In the full report of the trial in the Ipswich journal? (I need to check which paper) of Jan 1843, witness George Fuller states when questioned that he is the brother-in-law of James Dowling alias Dorling. He also states, on questioning, that before James's imprisonment they go to Bungay, James dressed with a women's cloak (some laughte in the court at this point!), where James assigns his property over to George Fuller - this being legally drawn up by a Mr Drake, presumably to prevent the court imposing a fine that would lead to the loss of his property.

I have now found that George Fuller married james's sister Sophia Cox nee Dorling, widow in 1828.  

Sophia’s first marriage was in 1818 and I've found 3 children from her first marriage when they were living in Alburgh. It's highly likely there other children from the 1st marriage as none yet found between 1818 - 1824.  

In 1826 Sophia had a terrible year - she had twin boys born 27 Aug 1826 and baptised 2nd September.  But a few days later on 9th September her husband is buried. On 24th Spetember twin George is buried,  and on 11th October, her 2 year old son William was buried.  

Two years later Sophia marries George Fuller.  In 1841 they are in Wortwell where George appears in the electoral register.  In 1851 and 1861 they are in Great Yarmouth.  George is a cordwainer.  They have 2 sons and 2 daughters.  Sophia is buried in Gt Yarmouth in 1866 age given as 71.  

Additional information - this fmaily are mainly Dowling if Norfolk, but Dorling in Suffolk.  James Dorling / Dowling was baptised 4 Oct 1789 at Redenhall With Harleston And Wortwell, his parents were James Dowling died 1839 & Hannah nee Johnson died 1838, who married 9 Oct 1788 at Redenhall.  There are Dowlings in Redenhall back to the 1700s -  2 Jeremiah's, one a silver smith,  one a butcher.  But I can't link them to James's family as I can't find a baptism for James d. 1839, but estimate he was born in the 1760s- I suspect they are baptised in non-conformist churches - will research one day!  

Research 31st May 2018

Spent Wednesday at The National Archives.  Now have copies of 6 Dorling litigation documents. 

One in 1624 names Nicholas Dorling of Harwich, mariner, whose testimony was needed before a debt could be paid.  The debt was to do with biscuit and bread value £20 which was sent to Virginia.

Two documents 1718-1720 concerning John Dorling of Burwell, Cambs and Richard Casburne.  This is a large document with a lot of writing to decipher!

A 1706 document where the defendant is Bunning Dalling - this is to do with a will on the Bunning side.

A 1727 document concerning property in the Bungay area, involving John Dalling senior, apothecary and John Dalling junior.

Another 1700s document concerning land in South Elmham involving the Bungay Dallings.

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Bacton Dorling descendant in touch today

I had a message from a descendant of John Freeman Dorling of the Bacton branch today.   I have added her to the tree and ended up adding some marriages and children of female Dorlings in the Bacton tree.  When I first created the trees I concentrated on descendants of males, but I'm gradually now adding marriage partners and children of female Dorlings to the trees of all branches. 

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To the Readers of the Dorling Family History blog.

I have added an email link so readers can add their email if they wish to be notified of new posts.

I have also added links on the right to use for more information on the Dorling one-name study and the Dorling DNA Project.

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Family Tragedy in West Stow Dorling branch

I have been adding some details for female Dorlings in the West Stow tree.  Agnes Dorling (1890-1963) married Ross Gridley in Spring 1911.  The previous year Agnes's half brother Jacob Watson had married Ross's sister Clara.   Agnes & Ross lived in Bury St Edmunds where he was working at the railway station.  On 4 Aug 1911 he was killed in a terrible accident where his head was crushed between an engine and a coal truck.   It was reported in the Bury Free Press.

In the Autumn of 1911 Agnes gave birth to a son Albert Donald Ross Gridley.  He only lived a few weeks as his death is registered Jan-Mar of 1912.  Poor Agnes, what a terrible time she went through.  Fortunately she re-married later in 1912 to Bertie Reynolds and had 2 daughters who survived.   In 1939 they were living at The Butcher's Arms in Kemp Rd,  Bury St Edmunds with their 2 daughters and Agnes's sister Elsie who was single and working as a "ladies maid".  Bertie was the "House Manager".

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Dorling Family History Blog in use again

Hello All,

Today I have updated the Dorling One-Name Study profile on the Guild of One-Name Studies website.

I am also working on a short biography of my grandfather George Dorling.

You can read about the Dorling DNA Project at Family Tree DNA.

Please ask if you have any questions.

I would be very grateful for more information about your family, memories, biograhical details, photos etc.

You can email me at

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Dorling Website

Unfortunately freesereve have stopped supporting pre-made websites uploaded from people's computers so the Dorling website is currently unavailable. When I have found a new service provider to host the website the site will be available again but will have a different address to the old one. I will post the new address here and on my Guild Of One-Name Studies profile page. In the mentime, please email me with any enquiries and Dorling family history.

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Brandon War Memorial, Suffolk

William Dorling of Brandon, is commemorated on the Brandon War memorial.  He died 23 March 1918 age 27, son of Harry and Mary Dorling of 156 London Road, Brandon.  He has survived 3 years of the war and was in the 7th Battalion of the Border Regiment (West and Cumb Yeomanry) Service No 23133 when he died.

On joining the army,  Norfolk Regiment, Service No 18743, on 1 Feb 1915, Harry was 5 ft 9.5 inches tall, weighed 139 lbs, and his girth when fully expanded was 36".  His physical development is recorded as good.  His occuapation was game keeper.  At some point he was transferred to the Border Regiment No 23133. Posted by Picasa

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Branch unknown: "Dorling Taking Aim"

This photo shows a Dorling gamekeeper and is probably in the Brandon / Mildenhall area of Suffolk. If anyone has any ideas about who the people are or where they are, please contact me. The photo is not very clear but I have also put 2 close up pictures of the people which are a bit easier to see. Posted by Picasa

Branch unknown: Dorling taking aim

Part of a post card entitles "Dorling taking aim" which is assumed to be a Dorling gamekeeper in NW Suffolk - Elveden, Brandon, Mildenhall area. Please let me know of you recognise anyone. Posted by Picasa

Unknown Dorling, assumed to be a gamekeeper in NW Suffolk

This photo is called "Dorling taking aim" and is assumed to one of the Dorlings who was a gamekeeper. The Brandon and Mildenhall area of Suffolk had Dorling gamekeepers, some of whom are known to have worked at Elveden on the estate of the Earl of Iveagh. The soldier standing next to Dorling suggests a date of either WW1 or WW2. Suggestions for date most welcome, and if anyone recognises who the Dorling is, (or anyone else in the photo) please let me know. Posted by Picasa

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BSE: Alf Meekins, son of Agnes Dorling 1875 BSE

Photo and following information kindly provided by Jacqui Meekins: "Alf, or 16007 Lance Corporal William James Meekins of the 1st / 1st Battalion Cambridgeshire Regiment died on 23rd September 1918 following the Battle of Epehy in Northern France. Alf had been in the army for the whole four years of the war so it's terribly sad that he died so near the end of it. I don't know what injuries he sustained but I know he died five days after being wounded because my Grandad was also in the trenches at that time and asked permission to visit his brother which was refused - something that upset Grandad for the rest of his life. Apparently, the last time Alf was home on leave before he died, he really didn't want to go back and his father had to make him go, so you can imagine how my Great Grandad felt when Alf was killed. When Alf did go back, he kept coming back to the top of the road (Fletcher Rd in Acton) to wave. It was as if he knew he wouldn't be seeing the family again. Alf is buried in the war grave at Epehy Wood Farm Cemetary. Posted by Picasa

Olga Dorling: originally unknown Dorling branch, now known to be Herringswell.

Posted by Picasa This photo was taken in the 1930s of Olga Dorling in the Stanley area of County Durham. The photo was kindly sent to me by Marg Burgess who found it in her late mother's possession.  It took a while to find out which of 2 possible Olga's she was.

Olga was b. 1923 the daughter of Thom Dorling b. 1895 Urpeth Durnham (son of Thomas Jacob Dorling b. 1836 Barton Mills who moved to County Durham between 1851 and 1861, where many Suffolk families went for work at around this time) & Jenny nee Wright.

Thom had survived the 1st World War after both getting married and joining the Durham Light Infantry in 1915.   He received a gun shot wound to his arm, which was classified as "mild".

In 1939 the family were living at 31 The Bungalows, Stanley, Durham. Thom was Colliery Deputy Overman Below and an A.R.P. Ambulance Driver.  Wife Jennie / Jane Dorling 2b. 6 Apr 1896 Unpaid Domestic Duties , 1 closed record (presumed to be eldest daughter Phyllis), and Olga Dorling (Jarvis) 07 Aug 1923 who was a Chemist Shop Assistant and Single. Olga married and had a family, so some descendants are probably out there somewhere.

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BSE: May Dorling 1892 BSE

May Dorling, daughter of Amelia Dorling and Granddaughter of Alfred Dorling = Mary Campion. Emigrated with her mother and family to Australia. Photo kindly provided by relative. Posted by Picasa

BSE: Amelia Dorling

Amelia Dorling, born 1867, daughter of Alfred Dorling = Mary Campion. . Amelia married Arthur Robert Gardner, brother of her sister Agnes's (see photo below) husband and they moved to Australia with daughters May and Ann Margaret (Dolly). Photograph kindly proveded by a descendent .  Posted by Picasa

BSE: Agnes Dorling

Agnes Dorling born 1875 BSE the daughter of Alfred Dorling = Mary Campion, kindly provided by her Great Granddaughter Jacqui Meekins. Agnes married William James Meekins in 1893 and had 2 sons. During WW1 she was recorded as "whereabouts unknown" on her sons army papers, so any possible information on what became of her would be appreciated. Posted by Picasa

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Bedfield: Rev William Dorling 1931-1912

Rev William Dorling, born 1831 Framlingham, school teacher in Framlingham 1851, married Elizabeth Ann Colbourne 1857 Buckhurst Hill Essex. Congregational Minister & Writer, died 1912, obituaries in the Congregational Year Book and The Literary Review. 3 sons and 3 daughters.
Photo and obituary kindly provided by Leonard and Ruth Caspick. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Bedfield: Frederick Charles 1872, with his wife and children

Frederick Charles Dorling born 1872 Ipswich and his wife Alice nee Hayward, with their 6 children: at the back left to right - Cecil, Evelyn, Ivy, Leslie, middle - May, front - Arthur, Mary. This photograph kindly provided by Ruth Kaspick, daughter of Cecil Dorling. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bacton: Betsy Lemon, 2nd wife of William 1843 Bacton

Betsy Dorling nee Lemon, mother of Ready 1880, William Right 1882, Horace 1885, May 1887 and Lily 1890, kindly provided by Mike Bareham, descendant of May nee Dorling and James Diaper. Posted by Picasa

Bacton: May 1887 & Lily 1890

The daughters of William 1843 Bacton and May's husband James Diaper. Photo kindly provided by Mike Bareham, a descendant of May & James. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bacton: Horace 1885

Hap Dorling of Bacton, father of Joy and Phyllis. Joy still lives in Bacton and has been a point of contact for many Bacton descendents over the years. Photo kindly provided by Mike Bareham, descendent of Hap's sister May. Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 28, 2006

Bacton: Charles Ernest 1892-1916, son of Charles.

Charles, pictured on left on photo, died when a stoker on the Queen Mary in the 1916 Battle of Jutland.

"The Queen Mary, a 28, 000-ton ship blew up after being struck by a salvo of shells abreast of one of her turrets. The ship seemed to collapse inwards, the masts and funnels falling together, the side of the ship being blown outwards, and the armoured roofs of the turrets being hurled 100 feet high, in the wink of an eyelid 57 officers and 1,209 men had gone to their deaths."
From "Endless Story" by Captain Henry Taprell
Dorling D.S.O Royal Navy. Posted by Picasa

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Bedfield: George Hall jn, grandson of John Drew & Ann nee Dorling, painted by father George Hall (tailor of Framlingham) about 1871

 Posted by Picasa

Bedfield: Maria Drew daughter of John Drew & Ann nee Dorling 1788 bedfield, & son Edgar Hall, painted by Maria's husband George Hall about 1866

 Posted by Picasa

Dennington: Headstone of Jonathan Dorling of Dennington, Ipswich and Laxfield in Suffolk

Posted by PicasaJonathan was born in Dennington in 1714.  He was married 3 times, lived in Ipswich where his son William was born, and buried in Laxfield in 1786    His headstone was erected by his son William in 1844.  William was born in 1775 Ipswich, son of Jonathan's 3rd wife Elizabeth Thurlow. 

Laxfield Headstone Entries Book:
Entry 126    "Johnathan Dorling son of Nicholas and Sarah Dorling or Dawling thus of Dennington, 19 Jan 1786 age 68.  Elizabeth his wife daughter of John and Maria Thurlow of Stonham Aspall of this county 14 Deb 1817 age 83, Elizabeth daughter of the above 24 Nov 1799 age 22 headstone erected 1844 by their son W Dorling of Epsom, surrey.  S.E. corner from South Gate round to N.E. corner"

William's older brother Jonathan moved to Surrey, and he and his son Jonathan, who died age about 27, are buried in Leatherhead. 

William appears to have trained as a printer and did well for himself as a stationer and book seller.  The book "Epsom and the Dorlings"  describes him riding over the Sussex downs and falling in love with Bexhill.  William  moved to Bexhill, where his children were born and brought up.    William's children all did very well and they and their descendants are among some of the most well known Dorlings.

Dennington: Henry 1806 Bexhill in the Illustrate London News 1859

 Posted by Picasa

Dennington: William born 1775 Ipswich son of Jonathan of Dennington

 Posted by Picasa