Saturday, September 09, 2006

Branch unknown: "Dorling Taking Aim"

This photo shows a Dorling gamekeeper and is probably in the Brandon / Mildenhall area of Suffolk. If anyone has any ideas about who the people are or where they are, please contact me. The photo is not very clear but I have also put 2 close up pictures of the people which are a bit easier to see. Posted by Picasa

Branch unknown: Dorling taking aim

Part of a post card entitles "Dorling taking aim" which is assumed to be a Dorling gamekeeper in NW Suffolk - Elveden, Brandon, Mildenhall area. Please let me know of you recognise anyone. Posted by Picasa

Unknown Dorling, assumed to be a gamekeeper in NW Suffolk

This photo is called "Dorling taking aim" and is assumed to one of the Dorlings who was a gamekeeper. The Brandon and Mildenhall area of Suffolk had Dorling gamekeepers, some of whom are known to have worked at Elveden on the estate of the Earl of Iveagh. The soldier standing next to Dorling suggests a date of either WW1 or WW2. Suggestions for date most welcome, and if anyone recognises who the Dorling is, (or anyone else in the photo) please let me know. Posted by Picasa